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6 Months/Weeks AngularJS Industrial Training Contents

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What is AngularJS?

The training program is designed in such a way that one can get mastery in AngularJS through getting training by Industry Experts. SS-TECH is one of the most well-known company in Northern India providing Corporate AngularJS Training in Noida based on current Industry standards. The trainers here have vast experience to teach all the concepts of AngularJS in detail.

SS-TECH offers AngularJS Course to students and professionals who want to take advantage of the increasing demand for AngularJS professional all over the world. SS-TECH has been offering IT training for more than 15 years in Noida, Gwalior. It is one of the highest placement record training companies in Noida and have an excellent track record of producing AngularJS professionals who are now working with some of the biggest corporations all over the world. It is the best angular JS training in Delhi NCR

SS-TECH has carefully created the curriculum for AngularJS program for learners to ensure that they get there hands-on experiences on how AngularJS is actually used and implemented. The company has its state-of-the-art IT laboratories and experienced faculties who themselves are part of the thriving IT industry to make sure that its students receive the best. The company has built-in multi-facilitate class rooms with installed projectors.

AngularJS - Overview
AngularJS - Environment Setup
AngularJS - MVC Architecture
AngularJS - First Application
AngularJS - Directives
AngularJS - Expressions
AngularJS - Controllers
AngularJS - Filters
AngularJS - Tables
AngularJS - HTML DOM
AngularJS - Modules
AngularJS - Forms
AngularJS - Includes
AngularJS - AJAX
AngularJS - Views
AngularJS - Scopes
AngularJS - Services
AngularJS - Dependency Injection
AngularJS - Custom Directives
AngularJS - Internationalization